Anané Vega about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"Gisela, Thank you so much. The Body Butter is everything ... just lathered myself in it, the Face Cream is wonderful ... absolutely love it."

Mario Alfonso about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"My favorite the Face Cream ... the scent - the consistency... makes me feel like a new me every day! I love it! And I love the maker! Good job!"

Caitlin's Testimonial about MOGI MOUSSE

"Listen, if my cosmetic dermatologist tells me to keep using MOGI MOUSSE®, I am ALL IN !!!!!"


DJ Kamala about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I love my MOGI MOUSSE®, makes my skin glow!"


“I've been using MOGI MOUSSE® for a few years now and absolutely love this brand. All products (for her, him and baby) are plant based, organic, vegan, cruelty free AND free of GMO, fragrances, fillers, dyes, synthetics, toxins and chemicals! And the cherry on top is it's all made right here in Brooklyn by an incredible boss babe Gisela Alvarez.”


“I highly recommend MOGI MOUSSE®. The best Face Cream ever! For a person like me, with sensitive skin, it is excellent. My face feels as soft as a baby’s bum without feeling my pores are clogged or greasy and it is 100% natural and plant based. Amazing! I’m hooked.”

Katerina for MOGI MOUSSE

"Working and playing in nightlife for over 15 years has definitely taken a toll on my skin. I've dealt with dry, cracking skin on my face and the unwanted new addition of tiny little lines that I couldn't ignore. I tried various products but ultimately... nothing. That's when MOGI MOUSSE® came into my life and changed everything! My skin feels and looks hydrated, my unwanted lines are smoother and less evident and the MOGI MAGIC (as I like to lovingly refer to it!) has been working consistently for months! I find myself wearing less and less make up and more and more friends keep noticing the improvements, making this wonderful product not just a band-aid to my skin issues but finally a solution! THANK YOU MOGI MOUSSE®, keep working that MAGIC cause you have a customer for life over here!"

Katerina Chronis

Mindy about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"From the packaging to the product, you can see that so much care went into every detail of these products. They look gorgeous on my bathroom shelf and my skin feels amazing."


Gilda + Caleb about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"To all parents and those looking for the perfect gift. I highly suggest MOGI MOUSSE® Baby Butter. It's an all-in-one catering to all needs including cradle cap (baby dry scalp), diaper rash, dry skin, baby acne etc. This has been a life saver, super economical and space saver. Vegan, all natural, cruelty free and based in Brooklyn. They have adult facial products as well."

Gilda Olivera

Shyla about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"My skin has been a problem for me as long as I can remember. I've battled acne since puberty and now that I'm in my 30's I can add aging skin to the list of problems. In the past year and a half, in hope of having clear skin for my wedding, my dermatologist has had me on at least 5 different topical treatments, 3 different oral prescriptions and birth control on top of that. My sensitive skin could not handle it! I finally threw out all of the prescriptions and started looking into a more natural way to heal my skin. Gisela gave me a sample of MOGI MOUSSE® Face Cream before my wedding shower. I couldn't believe it, I saw improvements after the first night I used it. It kept me clear until my wedding. There is no better way to nourish your skin than with natural ingredients. It has been a perfect combination for my sensitive skin. I can't thank Gisela enough!"

Shyla Murphy

Fiona about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"OK, I have to give props to my girl for this amazing product MOGI MOUSSE®!! I purchased the Body and Face mousses and love them. The Body Butter is perfect for my stretching and growing belly bump! It can be used on babies too, but mama doesn't want to share, so maybe the next jar! #iwanttoeatit #allnaturalingredients"

Fiona Hopkins

Xiomara about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the MOGI MOUSSE® Body Butter!"

Xiomara Moctezuma

Ira about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I really like the Body Butter! No greasy feeling after you use it... and the scent is exactly what I like."

Ira Kushin

Stephanie about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"Current night-time fave beauty routine. This stuff is a powerhouse for my dry, sensitive skin. Thanks MOGI MOUSSE®"

Stephanie Bishop

Tomas about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"Gisela, great product! I love it. It works well for my skin in the summer or winter... I tried the sampler. Great skin is good for you... Buy it people, it works!"

Tomás Colon - DJ + Producer

DJ Francesca about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"Shout out to MOGI MOUSSE®. My skin and I thank you!!"

#mogimousse #gratitude #feelsgood

Francesca Magliano - DJ

Kala about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"My five year old has the driest skin, and MOGI MOUSSE® Baby Wash has made a huge difference!"


Charlotte + Camron about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"After I finally got myself to open the so beautifully wrapped creams, I absolutely love them!!! Keeping me wonderfully moisturized and give you a nice glow. I was also surprised just how great the smell!!!! Such a fantastic job MOGI MOUSSE®!"

Charlotte Wu-Epenite

Flora about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I have a herniated disk and my doctors have me on heavy medications. The medicines were causing a rash on my whole face. I used MOGI MOUSSE® Face Cream and the rash disappeared! Love this product! Makes me feel and look beautiful."

Flora Cruz

Color Code Apparel

“My Skin feels nourished and it doesn’t clog my pores… All clean, no fillers! It works.”

Caroline B - Fashion Designer


"The Clay Mask mask feels deeply cleansing and slightly exfoliating. The Facial Oil Serum is gentle and smells heavenly."

Honeychild - Singer + Songwriter

Gisela about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I purchased the MOGI MOUSSE® Baby Butter. IT IS AMAZING... it's super hydrating and soothing for my baby's skin. The chamomile scent is also calming, it's like aromatherapy for her skin. I happen to purchase this product while I was pregnant to prevent stretch marks and I was so happy with the results. I'm happy to say I have no stretch marks and it was safe to use while being pregnant with the natural ingredients. I would recommend if you use it for stretch marks, use it in conjunction with the oil :) Also, MOGI MOUSSE® Baby Butter totally helped out with my daughter's eczema. I was using Aquaphor for eczema and it did absolutely nothing. It has now been a little over a month I'm using MOGI MOUSSE® Baby Butter and it's gone!! Love!"

Gisela Martinez

Alicia about MOGI MOUSSE Sugar Scrub

“Thank you for the amazing Sugar Scrub. Seriously I thought that eczema patch was going be there forever. My leg feels so smooth and nice now. All dryness is gone and it no longer itches.”

Alicia Chila

Gabriela Almeida

“Do you like Body Oil? I sure do! And this one from MOGI MOUSSE® is awesome! I love that it is an all natural plant powered and revitalizing moisturizer for sensitive skin! With an exquisite scent! It doesn’t make my skin feel oily after I use it. I feel extremely relaxed, my body feels very smooth. I’m in love with MOGI MOUSSE® Body Oil.”

Gabriela Almeida


"I am loving the Face Cream and the Facial Toner. The toner has a citrus scent that awakens my face after one use! I love the way the facial cream is so i use before bed time for severe dryer skin types. It has a thicker texture than a serum but can be used under makeup once dries down. I like the sleek packaging! It looks great on the counter in the bathroom."


Mari Koda about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I always take my Body Butter with me everywhere. If you don't have it... Sorry! #Love #MogiMousse #BestBodyButter"

Diane Grandison about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"Love this stuff. One of the best, if not the best Sugar Scrub I've used."

Diane Grandison


"MOGI MOUSSE® Baby Butter and Baby Wash have been helping my son's and my daughter's very dry skin. These products are very moisturizing and hydrating, leaving their skin smooth, soft and naturally glowing. My kids love these products just as much as mommy :) All the ingredients are organic and vegan. I love the texture of the Baby Butter, and the way it melts on the skin. It is very soothing and nourishing, and I especially like that you can use these two products for the entire body, including feet, scalp, and hair. I love to use it for my son's thick curly hair."

Jaclyn Acensio

We just got the MOGI MOUSSE® Body Wash/Hair Wash, and are in love!!! Vegan, organic, fairly made, AND in glass!?!?! Can you say "PERFECT"?!?! Thank you, MOGI MOUSSE®!!! …. I forgot to add that the customer service is EXCELLENT <3


Jaclyn about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I have been using this beautiful Face Cream for two weeks and I love it. My skin does not breakout. A little bit goes along way, and it is very moisturizing, perfect for dry skin and normal to dry skin. It melts in your hands and then apply. My husband uses the cream as well."

Jaclyn Acensio - Beauty Expert


“I had been a religious La Mer user for over 12 years, when I began to notice that My skin was losing its radiance and suppleness. I was getting particularly concerned because here I was in my mid 30's And I was having breakouts, and clogged pores when in the past my skin had been beautiful and blemish free.I knew that I was going to have to make some decisions but I did not know where to begin. I spent the better part of 6 months or so using and discarding the best creams on the cosmetic market. When I was given a sample of MOGI MOUSSE® I was really excited to try it because of the natural ingredients it contained...and I was truly shocked when I could actually see an overnight difference in the luminosity and hydration of my skin.
It's been 8 months or so now, since I have used both the face and body creams and they are my salvation. I travel a lot and between vacation sun exposure and New York winters, my sensitive skin gets super dry and sometimes I get dry patches on my arms. The MOGI MOUSSE® Body Butter has eliminated my need to go to the dermatologist for prescription steroid creams, it's natural ingredients soothe and protect my sensitive skin and replenish the loss of moisture from both the heat and the cold. It makes my day when I'm out and i get random compliments on my skin from strangers, when I'm wearing nothing but MOGI MOUSSE® and mascara! It's so obvious that I'm loving my skin and my confidence and happiness shines through. Even my boyfriend....who would never dream of wearing face cream, was bugging me to try it after I kept raving about how amazing my skin looked and felt. He now uses it every day!!!! Thank you Mo, for introducing me to your amazing product line, my skin thanks you too!!!!!”

Esther + Dylan about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I absolutely love this product. After searching an affordable product that works on my skin was very difficult until I tried MOGI MOUSSE®. The difference is very noticeable right away. Will not stop using it!"

Esther Gonzalez

Nadia + Oli about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"It's sooooooooo good. It makes me want to eat it!!!!"


Audra Behar about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"Love, love, love MOGI MOUSSE®! Quality product at affordable price. I use the Face Cream and you can really see the results."

Audra Behar

Michelle about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"Love MOGI MOUSSE®! MOGI MOUSSE® makes my old high priced "Hope in a Jar" moisturizer feel like my grandmother's cold cream. I won't be switching back and I don't go anywhere without my MOGI MOUSSE®. I even refill the sample container so I can carry it in my little party bag!"

Janine about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I got my MOGI MOUSSE® Face Cream and I am sooo HAPPY!! I just tried the SUGAR SCRUB sample and my face feels AMAZING!! Now that the weather is warming up I put a couple of dabs of the BODY BUTTER on my freshly shaven legs and they are ready to prance around in the Spring Sunshine. I LOVE these products. This is a must try."

Janine Burgio

Laura about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"Many friends have been asking for recommendations on shopping local in NYC. Here’s one of my must-have skincare items: MOGI MOUSSE® Body Butter. Not only is the entire line natural, vegan, cruelty-free & packaged to perfection, it smells like you’ve been plucked from your overcast, shitty day and transported to an utopia of lemongrass and lavender."


Anthony Lamont about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"MOGI MOUSSE® has my skin glowing!"

Anthony Lamont - Performer

Ariane about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"Crushing on this MOGI MOUSSE® Body Butter. Never been a 'products' girl because I like to keep things simple and chemical-free. But when I tried a sample of the Body Butter, I couldn't resist to order the big jar. I've been putting it on my baby bump every day before bed and also use it for my hands. It is by far the best moisturizer I've ever used and it's all natural and has only 4 ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, lavender and lemongrass oil. Absolutely amazing."



“I absolutely love both, MOGI MOUSSE® Face Cream and Body Butter.”


Rebecca about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I'm so living for MOGI MOUSSE®!!! It's vegan, organic & really quenches the skin. I have often dealt with dry & sensitive skin but ever since I started using this line, my skin feels & looks happier! I love using the Face Cream at night (I wake up looking like a baby) and the body butter keeps my body moist and luminous all day long! I especially love what the Body Butter does for my feet!"

Paul about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"Just stopped by Artists&Fleas in Williamsburg and got some MOGI MOUSSE®. I love this stuff... it's all natural and makes my skin so good, and the Face Cream gets the tired wrinkles to go away!"

Paul Alexander - Singer + Writer

Tracey about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"These products sell themselves, once your skin absorbs it's nutrients, it will settle for nothing less! I love it!"

Tracey Howard

Cindy about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"My MOGI MOUSSE® finally arrived and loving it to bits! Didn't want to open it at first, because the packaging is just so beautiful :) Thaaaaank you!"

Cindy Gunawan - Singer + Songwriter

Vanessa about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I used to have chronic dry skin. I've used oils, body butters and expensive products from department stores, until my girl Gisela gave me a sample of her MOGI MOUSSE® that she was making. Her Body Butter and Face Cream are amazing. All vegan and organic handmade creams. Go get yours. Feel the skin, darling..."

Vanessa Badaoui - DJ

Sofia about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"I suffer from very dry skin, some patches of eczema on my face especially during the winter. I've worked for so many different cosmetic lines and have used most of the "best" products known in the market.... NONE of them worked for my skin. I remember telling Gisela my problems with my skin and she gave me a sample of MOGI MOUSSE® to try... I fell in love with it the first time I tried it. It calmed my skin, dry patches went away and I said goodbye to that dry dull skin. Thank you Mo for giving me my beautiful skin back!"

Sofia Morales - Dancer

Claudia Rapisarda about MOGI MOUSSE skincare

"Best cream to nurture my skin! MOGI MOUSSE® is an excellent product, hand-made with all natural ingredients and because of that it nourishes and hydrates your skin, leaving a smooth skin and a natural fragrance. I definitely recommend it! MOGI MOUSSE® is the best!!!! I love it!!"

Claudia Rapisarda

“The Body Butter is fantastic, the psoriasis on my elbows got visibly smaller. Thank you.”