The Story

Gisela Alvarez, MOGI MOUSSE®'s sole creator, has developed this exceptional new skin care line out of simple necessity and as an answer to her life long search for products that would not only address her issues with eczema and extremely sensitive skin, but also her desire to only use organic and cruelty-free products.

Having spent the better part of her childhood in and out of dermatologists offices being prescribed all sorts of treatments for her eczema skin condition, Gisela began searching for alternatives. Her search, along with the aid of the African community she grew up around, brought her to the raw African Shea Butter. Gisela found great relief in this pure and raw product.

But as she grew older and her skin started to change, as with most of us, she felt she needed something more. Working several years as a model, singer and in nightlife Gisela's skin was thirsting not only for moisture but also for skin care that could rejuvenate, maintain elasticity and offer lasting results. 

Through the years she continuously invested in high end, high priced creams that never showed any real results and more disturbingly were filled with ingredients that no one could actually identify. The frustration of foreign, overpriced and ineffective products lead Gisela to her kitchen and her books of natural raw elements.

The Development

Gisela developed a skincare that made her skin feel and look amazing. Everything that went into her products had a place in nature, not a chemical plant.

This was supposed to be the end of the story for Gisela, but to her surprise and amazement, within the the first two weeks friends began inquiring. "Your skin is glowing these days?" Gisela explained she made herself a little "something" for her skin. Now each friend demanded samples! Gisela started making larger and larger batches and before she knew it, she was distributing to an entire community of friends and friends of friends. 

"I knew I had something special when friends of friends that I had never met from outside of NYC started reaching out and offering to pay for my cream, I haven't been able to make it fast enough since I've started! It makes me happy that I can help others with their skin issues." said Gisela when asked about MOGI MOUSSE®'s quickly rising popularity.

The only thing left to do, since so many people not only wanted to use the cream but were eager to pay for it, was to give it a name and start a company. Gisela's childhood nickname was "Mo" and her friends also affectionately refer to her as "Gi". She brought her two names together and "MOGI" it was! Since her products have a buttery consistency and such a rich feel to them, "MOUSSE" came to mind and her skincare recipe had its name MOGI MOUSSE®!

The Skin Care

MOGI MOUSSE® is a handcrafted, all plant powered and raw unisex skincare line, especially beneficial for individuals with eczema, normal to dry and extra dry, sensitive and/or maturing skin. MOGI MOUSSE® assists in treating many skin conditions, and it is hypoallergenic.

We do not use any animal products, parabens, phthalates, fillers, gluten, dyes, GMO, fragrances, or any kind of other synthetics or chemicals.

MOGI MOUSSE® products are for individuals, like creator Gisela Alvarez, who have been left feeling frustrated and disappointed with the lack of results from overpriced and chemically filled skin care products, that can cause reproductive issues, cancer, rashes, and allergies.

Our skincare is gender neutral, for anyone and everyone who would like their skin to feel, look and be healthy with the security of knowing that the products you are applying to your face and body are completely natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic.

MOGI MOUSSE® is made in small batches to guarantee the highest quality skincare.