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Summer Sale


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Beauty Routine


MOGI MOUSSE Body Routine


This is our highly nutritious MOGI MOUSSE® Body Care Routine. The perfect weekend treat and food for your skin. see and feel the difference:

1 Scrub away dead skin cells 2 Reduce cellulite 3 Polish and soften your skin 4 Rejuvenate and revitalize 5 Cleanse and detox 6 Moisturize and hydrate 7 Feed your skin with nutrients

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Sunburn Treatment


Our client sent us "Before and After" photos after she severely burned her shoulders in the sun on vacation. She used our MOGI MOUSSE® Body Butter to calm her irritated, red, and sore skin. Already the next day, after applying our Body Butter over night, her skin's inflammation calmed down without peeling her skin, leaving her with healthy looking and feeling skin.

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Shop Body Butter



Enjoy MOGI MOUSSE® Body Butter after a long day in the sun at the beach. Apply a thick layer all over your body after your shower or at bedtime to deep condition your skin over night. Our butter prevents your skin from peeling, stops itchiness, prevents dry patches, assists in healing burned, cracked and rough skin. It is excellent for the entire body, including hands, feet, scalp and hair. This rich butter is an all natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free product. Our Body Butter is great for all skin types, especially for sensitive and irritated skin. Feel good in your skin during the summer months.