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We Were At Sweat Fete


Sweat Fete
Sweat Fete
Cynthia Jean - Sweat Fete
Cynthia + Gisela
Sweat Fete
MOGI MOUSSE at Sweat Fete

We were honored to be part of the Sweat Fete event by Cynthia Jean, a breast cancer survivor. She raises awareness of healthy living, eating, healthy skincare, excising, staying fit, and overall being health conscious.

Thank you and blessings to Cynthia Jean

REMEMBER: Skin is your largest organ and everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream and body. Skip the chemicals, perfumes, and fillers part of the ingredient list of many beauty brands and consider using a healthier skincare. All MOGI MOUSSE® ingredients have a place in Nature!

We will be at Sweat Fete


Sweat Fete + MOGI MOUSSE

Saturday, April 8th, 2017


JLoft | 1055 East 45th St | Brooklyn, NY 11203

Shop MOGI MOUSSE®, get fit, get info on nutrition, have fun, dance, enjoy raffles, prizes and free gifts. It's a Breast Cancer Awareness Event. We will have a table there. Come by!!! 

Tickets are $20