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“Do you like Body Oil? I sure do! And this one from MOGI MOUSSE® is awesome! I love that it is an all natural plant powered and revitalizing moisturizer for sensitive skin! With an exquisite scent! It doesn’t make my skin feel oily after I use it. I feel extremely relaxed, my body feels very smooth. I’m in love with MOGI MOUSSE® Body Oil.”

— Gabriela Almeida

Blogger Gabriela Almeida


“How cute is the packaging of MOGI MOUSSE®? I’m so excited to try their Body Oil! I absolutely love oil! Thank you MOGI MOUSSE®. This lovely oil is for hair, scalp, and body. It is an all natural, vegan, and cruelty-free product. This body oil softens, maintains the skin's moisture balance and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, and cellulite. It assists in treating eczema, allergies and other common skin irritations or inflammations, and deep conditions body, scalp and hair. “ -Gabriela Almeida

Wellness + Nutrition


We are honored to be featured by Ashelii Rabelo, the founder of “Healthy Kitchen Happy Life”. She is a Nutritionist and Certified Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) Coach.

The idea of her company “Healthy Kitchen Healthy Life” was born out of her personal struggle with health. After years of pain and confusion, she switched gears, and started experiencing the healing power of real food nutrition and root cause medicine. Once her health started taking a positive turn, she became fully infatuated with Nutrition as a foundation for our mental, physical and overall health. Her Autoimmune diagnosis has completely changed her life. From Architect to Holistic Nutritionist, she continues forward, working with clients to heal, and embrace their healthy balance, through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Ashelii added MOGI MOUSSE® skincare to her daily routine:

”I've been using MOGI MOUSSE® for a few years now and absolutely love this brand. All products (for her, him and baby) are plant based, organic, vegan, cruelty free AND free of GMO, fragrances, fillers, dyes, synthetics, toxins and chemicals!” —Ashelii

Ashelii offers multiple services to improve health. Enter her website to learn more.

Prep Your Skin



Your skin doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable in the winter. The cold weather season definitely can take a toll on your skin. But when you use highly nutritious and moisturizing skincare, you won’t have that problem. We are specialized in making skincare products that help repairing and nourishing your skin with natural and raw ingredients. We are free of additives and toxic agents. You can feel and see the difference immediately. Shop conveniently online and receive your package at your doorstep!

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