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Give your skin a gentle exfoliation with MOGI MOUSSE® Sugar Scrub. Our moisturizing face and body scrub is an all natural, vegan, and cruelty-free product. It is enhanced with organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, lavender and petitgrain essential oils. Our combination of all natural organic ingredients conditions damaged, dry, and dull skin and leaves it smooth and glowing all day.

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Prep Your Skin



Your skin doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable in the winter. The cold weather season definitely can take a toll on your skin. But when you use highly nutritious and moisturizing skincare, you won’t have that problem. We are specialized in making skincare products that help repairing and nourishing your skin with natural and raw ingredients. We are free of additives and toxic agents. You can feel and see the difference immediately. Shop conveniently online and receive your package at your doorstep!

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Beauty Routine


MOGI MOUSSE Body Routine


This is our highly nutritious MOGI MOUSSE® Body Care Routine. The perfect weekend treat and food for your skin. see and feel the difference:

1 Scrub away dead skin cells 2 Reduce cellulite 3 Polish and soften your skin 4 Rejuvenate and revitalize 5 Cleanse and detox 6 Moisturize and hydrate 7 Feed your skin with nutrients

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Wake Up Your Skin



“Love plant-based skincare? Then meet MOGI MOUSSE® - vegan, cruelty free, and unisex. Founded by Gisela Alvarez, who had known first hand about eczema and dry skin since she was a little girl. Not seeing much results form expensive skincare, she crafted her own products that transformed her skin and had her friends wondering what the secret was. Her creations are suitable for all skin types and address many problems, going beyond dry skin.

I had a pleasure of trying one of their "newbies" - Coffee Scrub for Face and Body. Made with loose coffee grounds, coconut oil, and guava fruit extract, this scrub increases blood flow, reduces appearance of cellulite, and evens out skin tone. It exfoliates very gently, so it is perfectly safe to use on face and all over the body. To be honest, I don't take face exfoliation lightly, and I spot tested the scrub on my inner arm before putting on face - it is not abrasive and will really help even out your complexion! When using this scrub, use dedicated spatula that comes with it to maintain formula integrity, and to not accidentally get water in. It also works best to remove the scrub from your skin with a warm washcloth.

Another tip: Don't use before bed, as caffeine absorbs through skin, and you will be wide awake! Use in the morning to get a super start to the day.

Guys, this scrub smells so good! The coffee scent is not overwhelming and overly pungent how sometimes coffee scrubs can be; instead it is a beautiful balanced blend of coffee and coconut.

Make sure to check out MOGI MOUSSE® and follow this awesome woman-owned brand! All their products are free of parabens, phthalate, artificial fragrances, GMOs, dyes, the list goes on. All ingredients are also in their raw and pure form - there is no chemical processing to natural ingredients.
Thank you, for letting me try this beautiful coffee scrub!

Loved it!”